Apache Cordova 3 Programming is a complete guide to developing applications using Apache Cordova 3. With this latest version of Apache Cordova, the team has made some pretty dramatic changes to the framework and this book is the first complete reference available to help guide you through the new changes.

The book describes what makes Cordova important, shows you how to install the tools then walks you through the process of using the CLI as well as the native SDKs as you work on your Cordova projects. With the emphasis on plugins that comes with Cordova 3, the book includes a chapter which shows you start to finish how to create your own plugins.

The book includes the following chapters:

  1. The What, Why, How & More of Apache Cordova
  2. Installing the Cordova & PhoneGap Frameworks
  3. Installing the Cordova Command Line Interface
  4. Using the Cordova Command Line Interface
  5. Anatomy of a Cordova Application
  6. The Mechanics of Cordova Development
  7. Android Development with Cordova
  8. BlackBerry 10 Development with Cordova
  9. iOS Development with Cordova
  10. Windows Phone 8 Development with Cordova
  11. Using PhoneGap Build
  12. Working with the Cordova APIs
  13. Creating Cordova Plug-Ins
  14. Building a Cordova Application
  15. Extending Cordova to the Enterprise

New Cordova developers have a lot to learn and this book is the way to obtain the information they need.

Use the options in the Inside the Book menu to learn more about what's included with the book, details about each chapter plus code and (if any) errata.