Once you have the Cordova framework installed, it’s time to start building some applications that utilize the framework. As mentioned in the previous chapter, there are some scripts included with the framework files for most of the supported mobile device platforms that you can use to create new projects and test/debug applications. The problem with these scripts is that they’re specific to each mobile device platform and therefore can’t be used to manage a cross-platform project in its entirety.

To make it easier for developers to manage their projects, the Cordova project team built a single, unified command line interface (CLI) that is expected to eventually work across all of the Cordova supported mobile device platforms. This chapter will illustrate how to install the Cordova CLI. The following chapter will show you how to use it to manage your Cordova projects.

The PhoneGap CLI is essentially the Cordova CLI with some additional commands added on. Most everything you learn in this chapter easily applies to the PhoneGap CLI as well. You should refer to the PhoneGap documentation for information about the additional commands the PhoneGap CLI adds.