Now that we have Cordova and/or the command line interface installed, it’s time to start talking about Cordova applications and Cordova application development. In this chapter, I’ll show you what makes a web application a Cordova application and give you a tour of the sample application the Cordova team provides.

As mentioned at the beginning of the book, a Cordova application can do anything that can be coded in standard, everyday HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are web applications and Cordova applications and the distinction between them can be minor or can be considerable.

The sections in this chapter will highlight different versions of the requisite HelloWorld application found in most any developer book, article or training class. For the purpose of highlighting aspects of the applications web content, rather than how they were created, the steps required to create the applications are omitted. Refer to the chapters that follow for specific information on how to create and test and debug Cordova application projects for several of the supported mobile platforms.