There are a lot of code examples in the book, from code snippets that illustrate a particular point to complete applications you can run on devices.The ebook version includes callouts that allow you to view the code outisde of the book context. Several of the chapters include the source code for complete application projects plus two cordova plugins, the code for those applications and the plugins have been posted to my GitHub account.

Between now and the time the book goes to print (expected in print form some time in early 2014), I will try to post the more important code snippets to the Github repository as well.

Note: In order to make the source code in the book as readable as possible, I deliberately forced line breaks and manually indented related code so that the reader could more easily understand what the code is doing. As the book is being released primarily as an e-book, anyone who copies the source code from the manuscript and tries to paste it into an editor will quickly notice that the code doesn't work as expected. My apologies for that, but I thought it was more important to allow you to easily read and comprehend the code than for you to be able to easily copy the code into your applications. So, as you work with the code, you may find yourself having to reformat the code so it 'works' properly.