The source code for the book's application projects has been posted to the book's GitHub repository at

Apache Cordova 3 Programming is now available for purchase at

Pearson Education today released a sample chapter from Apache Cordova 3 Programming. You can access the chapter at

The chapter they used is Chapter 6 which covers the mechanics of Cordova development, describing in detail what the Cordova CLI does during the application management process as well as some very useful debugging and troubleshooting tips.

A rough cut version of Apache Cordova 3 Programming is now available on Safari Books Online at

The book has completed the development edit process and is in the hands of the technical reviewers. I expect this part of the process to complete in the next week or so then it's on to the editing process.

Well, the book's done (done). I finished the manuscript on September 11 (4 days early) and the different sections of the book have been reviewed by several of my colleagues plus several members of the Cordova development team. Right now I'm about halfway through with the copyediting process and hope to have it finished by Monday.

The book is not yet available for pre-order on and, but the 'paperwork' is in place, so it should be up there any day now. I will post here with links to the ordering pages as soon as something happens.

The manuscript for Apache Cordova 3 Programming was completed today. The book has 15 chapters and comes in just a little bit below 300 pages. The book is in the first stages of the editing and review process and should be available in electronic version in about 6 weeks. Stay tuned for additional updates.